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Earthquakes and Fundamentalism

Saturday Feb 27, 2010

Saturday Feb 27, 2010

Earthquakes that get lots of press & so lots of aid prompt some to ask if it's God's judgment on a nation—as though God considers national boundaries the defining factor in whom he judges and as though the US, where such discussion occurs, is a righteous & good nation, with whom God is quite pleased, while countries like Haiti and Chile are bad ones & God is angry with them - anger being presumably the cause of judgment. Music: by Beth Quist (Q Song) on the Magnatune label.

Saturday Feb 20, 2010

The Tea Party is just asking for it. When does the politics of anger become the politics of hating everyone else? Asher compares the Tea Party movement to identity groups and blasts their supposed Christian base. Music by Thursday Group (Like White on Rice) on the Magnatune label. Opinions: solely those of Asher Black. New call-center style headset. #ashercast #anarcast

Tuesday Feb 09, 2010

Late night. Drink up. Asher is talking about specious health claims in advertising. Music is by Fernwood – “Music played by hand on instruments made of wood”. Song is called “Sandpiper”. It’s on the Magnatune label. #anarcast #ashercast

Jeremy Saw Monsters

Sunday Feb 07, 2010

Sunday Feb 07, 2010

One form of playful anarchy is doing something non-political or that precludes the inevitable artificiality of political speech, such as replacing it with truth in the form of another artifice—namely fiction. Reading of original fiction by Asher Black. Story is copyright 2009 by Asher Black. #anarcast #ashercast

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